Post High School Athletes will have two options: Junior College (JC) and Post High School Collegiate (P -HS- C) – commonly known as “Gap Year” Athletes. Regardless of the route (JC or P -HS- C) Players will be able to take advantage of the following opportunities:

· Continue developing – Physically; Athletically; and Academically.

· Improve Football Skills & Athleticism (power, speed, quickness & agility).

· Get Recruited & get a Scholarship - opportunity to provide College Level “Game Tape” to the 4-year Colleges and Universities.

· Receive Football / Academic / Leadership & Life Coaching.

· Advance academically – filling in any gaps, developing a strong base, or simply getting ahead. Individualized for the Honor Student, as well as the student struggling in mainstream college courses.

Your NCAA Eligibility Status will help in determining which of our two Options are best for you –

Post Graduate Football

("Gap Year")

· Get your 2-year Associate Degree – so that you can

transfer to 4-year School and be immediately


· The JC route is the most cost efficient and effective

process for a NCAA Non-Qualifier to become able

to transfer and immediately be able to compete

and receive a scholarship at a 4-year university.

· Get another year to develop … while maintaining your full-clock of NCAA eligibility (5-years to complete 4-years of eligibility).

· Possibly improve your NCAA Academic Core & GPA, and/or, improve your test score … to become an immediate NCAA Qualifier – eligible immediately to compete and receive a scholarship at the highest level of the NCAA.

· The P -HS- C “Gap” Year is only available the first academic year following your high school graduation.

· After the “Gap” year - Transition to a 4-year school, or join our JC Program.

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Ogden Jets is the one of first private junior college football teams in Utah whose program will help post-high school football players develop academically, athletically and physically to reach their goal of playing major college football.


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