Two Ways To Support: Donate To The Team Or To The Player

Donate To The Team:

Our players give it their all each and every game, so let's join forces to equip them with the support they need for ongoing success. Together we can help our team keep doing amazing things! Here's what your donation could go towards:

• High-quality equipment for a safe and successful season.

• Uniforms that will make us look good on the field and boost team morale.

• Travel costs so we can compete in games all over the country.

• Facility rentals to provide the best classrooms for study and fields for practice and games.

Your gift to the Ogden Jets will help provide opportunities for our student athletes to pursue their dreams and better realize their potential. Together, we can make a difference and create opportunities.

Note : If you are looking to make a recurring pledge to the Ogden Jets please donate by check or call us directly at (855) 554-8722 to pay online

Donate To The Player Football & Academic Support Fee:

Looking for a way to show your support to an Ogden Jets player? Look no further! Each team member is responsible for paying their own football and academic support fees, and we are asking for your help in making sure that these dedicated players are able to participate this season. Your donation will directly support the fees of a player, allowing them to focus on their performance on the field and academically. Here is what your donation supports:

• Athletes to continue developing – physically, athletically and academically.

• Improve Football Skills & Athleticism (power, speed, quickness & agility).

• Opportunity to get recruited and get a scholarship by 4-year schools.

• Opportunity to play Post Graduate, and/or, Junior College Football.

• Improve life skills and workforce abilities (become a stronger member of the community and workforce).

• Regular Academic Support.

• Academic and life goal setting.

• Leadership coaching and guest lectures.

• Time management skills and training.

By contributing, you are not only helping to ensure that these athletes reach their full potential, but also helping to foster a supportive, tight-knit community around our beloved Ogden Jets! Have a specific player in mind? Be sure to mention their name when submitting payment details.

Ogden Jets is the one of first private junior college football teams in Utah whose program will help post-high school football players develop academically, athletically and physically to reach their goal of playing major college football.


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Coach Jamie Martin - Head Coach

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Mark Brady - Commissioner of Football


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