Life skills


USA-Collegiate helps students work through options, create life plans, and pursue careers. From trade schools and apprenticeship programs to doctorate degrees, we help students discover what is required to do what they want in life and work towards it. 


Part of the college experience is wading through the academic world and dealing with new obstacles and dynamics, like talking with professors or the university. USA-Collegiate provides mentorship to students how to navigate these obstacles, teaching players how to stand on their own and handle their life as an adult. 


USA-Collegiate wants the best possible fit for each player. Mentors guide players through the process of applying and transferring to other universities, registering for courses, and deciding the best majors and programs for their careers. 

Ogden Jets is the one of first private junior college football teams in Utah whose program will help post-high school football players develop academically, athletically and physically to reach their goal of playing major college football.


2563 Monroe BLVD

Ogden, UT 84401

Coach Jamie Martin - Head Coach

(314) 527-9642

Mark Brady - Commissioner of Football


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